Thursday, June 3, 2010

This one's for you, Kristi!!!!

I guess one posting every six to twelve months isn't good enough for some of you. (Just kidding!) Really, a lot has happened since my last posting six months ago. Daniel and I took a trip to Cancun in the end of January. We bought a house on March 31st and moved in on April 1st. Haili, Malachi, and Alanna have successfully finished their first year at Mountain View. Alanna, our youngest daughter, actually graduated Kindergarten on May 21st. My husband has a good job and I am still able to stay at home with our children. Good has been so good to my family! We are so undeserving of his goodness in our lives.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wow! I finally have internet access and I can start updating my blog again - YAY! Since my last post we have put the kids into a wonderful Christian school, Mountain View Christian Academy. I continue to be very impressed with their school and they seem to really love it there. Haili, Malachi, and Alanna got their report cards today and they all made straight A's. I'm so proud of them for doing so well in school.
Dr. Jimmy Robbins, who passed away last week, was the founder of Mountain View Christian Academy. His funeral will be held tomorrow at 3 pm at Mountain View Baptist Church.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Brief Update

WOW! It has been a really long time since I have had the chance to put anything on my blog. I have had a lot of things going on especially these past two weeks.

This week will be yet another busy week for me; lots of stuff going on. Our church has a family trip to Pigeon Forge this time every year. We have never been and this year someone in the church paid for our entire trip. Some friends of mine are going to keep our four youngest children and we are taking Haili and Malachi with us. They are really looking forward to going to Dollywood and the other kids are looking forward to spending time with their friends this weekend too. I believe we are going to leave Thursday afternoon and ride with Janet, Pam, Kelly, and their families on the van. I am really excited; it will definately be a nice break. I will be sure to take some pictures while I am there and hopefully be able to get them posted soon.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today at Super Church I had the opportunity of leading our four year old daughter, Alanna, to the Lord. When we were all finished she came in and told Mrs. Amanda that Jesus took her sins away. It was so sweet.

Last night we had a little welcome home party for Brother Joel at El Titanic. I had my camera, but since my mouth was busy (either eating or talking) all night I didn't get any pictures. I can tell you, however, that his family (especially Pam) was tickled that he was finally back home. We all enjoyed the good food and fellowship.

Joseph and Isaac being silly at Pam's earlier this week.


One of Ethan's new favorite things to do is getting into my cabinets. He figured out that if he pulls everything out first there is enough room in there for him to climb in and play. Kids are GREAT!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Picnic With Daddy

Daniel was off this past Wednesday, so we got to enjoy his presence. First, we all got up and ate breakfast together. Then, Daniel took Joseph and Isaac to the dump and then to wash the truck while the rest of us cleaned up the house. When they got back I packed a lunch for everyone and we headed off to the park for a picnic.

A quick picture of all of the kids getting ready to unpack their lunches. Notice Joseph and Isaac didn't stop unpacking their lunches for a picture.

These two are so funny!

Ethan loves to be outside.
Isaac showing me his snack.
Joseph thought he was slick taking Malachi's snack when he got up. Not to worry, Joseph gave it back.
Poor Joseph squished his snack, but he still ate it. It was so funny!
Ethan hanging out in the stroller.

Isaac and Alanna took their rightful place on the swings.

Joseph and Daniel headed up the slide.

Daniel made it safely down the slide.

Then, he went down on his belly.
Joseph came down right after Daniel and then the chain reaction started.
Alanna even jumped off her swing and ran over to join in the fun.
We had so much fun playing at the park together. You know what they say..... the family that plays together stays together.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel

Ten years ago I got the opportunity to celebrate the fifteenth birthday of the cutest boy in my youth group - my sweetheart, Daniel. Since that time I have spent every single birthday with him and this past Tuesday we celebrated my his twenty-fifth birthday. Not only is he the most wonderful husband and father, but he is also my best friend.

Daniel blowing out the candles on his giant cookie cake. He also kept blowing the candles out while I was trying to light them. He is always trying to make me laugh which is one of the many reasons that I love him so much.

Here is the inside of the birthday card that we made for Daniel.

In the middle of the card is a list with 25 reasons why I love Daniel. I also asked each of the kids to give me one reason why they love their Daddy. All of the kids that could talk said, "Because he loves me." Although that was a really good reason I was looking for an individual answer for each child. So, they each came up with their own unique reason why they love their Daddy.

Haili loves her Daddy because he reads the Bible to her.

Isaac loves his Daddy because he snuggles with him.

Ethan loves his Daddy because he holds him.

Alanna loves her Daddy because he buys her presents.

Malachi loves his Daddy because he let him play T-ball.

Joseph loves his Daddy because he plays with him.

We all had a great time celebrating the birthday of the man we all love so much.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flu Shots

This morning my kids had to be at the doctor's office for their flu shots. Since Daniel is working today I asked a friend of mine to accompany me to the appointment. Can you imagine me taking all six of my kids to get a shot by myself? Not a very good idea! Anyway - Pam, Nicole, and Caleb came with us.

Here are the kids lined up on the table waiting for the nurse to take their temps.

Okay - who wants to have their temperature taken first? Me, me, me!!!

Alanna was a little ticklish.

Joseph actually wanted to have his temp taken today. Usually he doesn't cooperate very well.

Next was Isaac's turn.

I thought this picture was so funny. They were all hoovering around to see what Isaac's temperature was.

After everyone was given a good look over it was time for them to get their shots. I walked all of the kids to the little playroom to stay with Pam, Nicole, and Caleb. Then, I asked if anyone wanted to volunteer to get their shot first. Surprisingly Haili and Malachi raised their hand. Haili and Isaac didn't cry at all. Malachi, Alanna, and Joseph whimpered a little bit, but they were fine by the time the bandaid was on. Ethan did cry, but he also was finished by the time I buttoned his outfit back up (less than 20 seconds). The nurses all bragged on how good they were and gave them all the usually lollipop and sticker. They really were very good - a lot better than I expected them to be after having a shot.